The Marine Data Archive (MDA) is an online repository specifically developed to independently archive data files in a fully documented manner. The MDA can serve individuals, consortia, working groups and institutes

  1. to manage data files and file versions for a specific context (project, report, analysis, monitoring campaign)
  2. as a personal or institutional archive or back-up system
  3. as an open repository for data publication


The 1.0 version was upgraded in 2016 in order to improve the archiving and management process.

The new version 2.0 and 2.1 (release July 2016) adds the following functionalities to version 1.0:

  1. Search on the data files stored in the MDA
  2. Add metadata to a selection of files using Templates
  3. Bulk upload for files and folders
  4. Share files and folders
  5. Optimized version management.


Getting started?

    Go to Register to request access to the MDA. You will recieve a confirmation of the approval of the account.
    At this point you have access to your private folder and the public folders in the Marine Data Archive.

    Read the Manual to inform yourselves on the usage and the services offered in the MDA.

    A Policy document describes the main principles of the Marine Data Archive (MDA) version 2.0 and the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the MDA and its services.

    Go to the Archive to manage files and folders or go directly to the Upload tool

    If you have questions, contact